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Steve Smith Video

Steve Smith / Journey

Steve Smith’s has performed with the all-star jazz group Steps Ahead as well as jazz-fusion virtuosos Hiromi, Mike Stern, Bill Evans, Randy Brecker, Vital Information and tabla maestro Zakir Hussain. In 2016 he rejoined Journey! For a massive world tour. In this video he explains why he uses and recommends Cympads.

Carl Allen Video

Carl Allen / Jazz Giant

Drummer, educator and Cympad artist Carl Allen has worked with a wide spectrum of Jazz musicians, including Freddie Hubbard, Jackie McLean, Phil Woods, the Benny Green Trio and Rickie Lee Jones. “I take Cympads with me everywhere. They’re in all my cymbal and stick bags,” he says.

Didi Negron

Didi Negron / Cirque du Soleil Amaluna

“My favorite Moderator is the 70mm. For six years, I hadn’t been able to use a China cymbal (in the show) because it was too loud. But my gig is rock based and I was missing that China sound. Six years later the Moderators came to town and I used the 70 to tone down the cymbal. It was perfect.”

Customize Video Tiki Pasillas

Tiki Pasillas / Arturo Sandoval

“With Arturo, we play a lot of fast jazz and he always wants to hear ‘the tip of the stick’. Moderators let me control my ride. Plus, when I’m on tour, I never know what cymbals I’ll get from backline. So I always carry a pack of Moderators. They’re a life saver.” 


Customize Video Rico Nichols

Rico Nichols / Kendrick Lamar


“Using my Moderators beats tightening down the wingnuts to try to take wash out of a cymbal. The different sizes
are an easy way to make any cymbal drier and pingier. The smaller Moderators are also handy in church to keep things under control.” 

Johnny Rabb

Johnny Rabb / Collective Soul

Drummer, teacher, author and inventor Johnny Rabb talks about his work with Collective Soul, the Freehand Technique and how he uses Cympad Moderators in Drum & Bass music and other playing situations. Performance footage courtesy of Meinl Cymbals.

Elise Trouw Video

Elise Trouw / YouTube Sensation

YouTube sensation and Cympad Artist Elise Trouw, talks about how she uses Cympad Moderators to customize her cymbal sound in live and studio situations.

Aaron Serfaty

Aaron Serfaty / USC School Of Music

 Aaron Srfaty, LA studio drummer/percussionist and head of the drumset faculty at the USC School Of Music, talks about his use of Cympad Moderators in teaching situations, on Grammy-nominated records and for the soundtrack of the Academy-award winning movie "Coco".

Cympad Video

Rich Redmond / Jason Aldean

This video features Cympad owner Reto Hirschi along with world-renowned drummer Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean). 


iDrum Magazine UK

Cympad Review with Ian Croft of
iDrum Magazine

Russ Miller

Russ Miller / American Idol 

American Idol Drummer, Russ Miller talks about implementing Cympad cymbal washers into his drum set.

Antoine Fadavi

Antoine Fadavi / Independent

French independent drummer Antoine Fadavi talks about the perfect cymbal washer!

Drums High School Bruxelles

Drums High School Bruxelles

Toto Poznantek , Bruno Castelucci and Gauthier Lisein from the "Drums High School" in Bruxelles are presenting Cympad in this Video! (french)


Drum Squad

Gunnar Birk Kristiansen / Drum Squad Denmark

Demonstration af hhv. Optimizers og Moderators fra producenten Cympad.


Zebensui Rodríguez / Zebendrums

Zebendrums revisa los Cympads. Los diferentes modelos, desde los Optimizers, Chromatics y los Moderators. "Un gran avance para sacar el mayor partido de nuestros platos" (spanish)

Denis Maranin

Denis Maranin / M-Groove First Drum School Moscow

Russian drummer Denis Maranin talks about Cympad. (Russian)

Shirai Music

Shirai Music Shop / Japan

Cympad Optimizers & Moderators review (Japenese)

Pavel Lokhnin

Pavel Lokhnin / Dominia

Russian drummer Pavel Lokhnin reviews the Cympad Otimizers and Chromatics. (Russian)

Francesco Gallo

Francesco Gallo / Gold Music Italy

Gold Music artist Francesco Gallo talking about Cympad Optimizers and Chromatics (Italian)

Bo Swanger

Bo Swanger / Guide to Gear Admin

Drummers Guide to Gear admin and Cympad Endorser Bo Swanger gives
us a Cympad demonstration

Slogan Peak

Peak Performance From The Bottom Up!


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