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New Videos Feature Cympad Moderators and Top Drum Artists.

Cympad has just released a new series of promotional videos featuring Rico Nichols (Kendrick Lamar), Elise Trouw (YouTube sensation), Tiki Pasillas (Arturo Sandoval), Aaron Serfaty (USC School Of Music) Johnny Rabb (Collective Soul) and Didi Negron (Cirque du Soleil Amaluna). In the videos each player talks about how they rely on Cympad Moderators to incrementally decrease the volume, focus the tone and “customize their cymbal sound” in a variety of live and recording situations. In addition to relating stories of their personal use of Moderators, the artists explain why the accessory is a handy, indispensable and necessary tool for modern drummers. The videos also include a “Sound Check” section that clearly illustrates the difference between Moderators and Optimizer (standard) cymbal washers using studio-quality VU meters. Long before the cymbal companies started selling low and reduced volume, ‘single-purpose’ cymbals, Cympad Moderators offered an effective, low-cost, versatile solution for lowering the volume, adjusting the decay and customizing the sound of every cymbal. And they still do!
Moderators are available in a “Super Set”, which includes two each of the 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 mm models, as well as separate 2-packs at authorized Cympad dealers. The extra-large, 100mm Moderator is sold individually.

Photo caption (left to right): Aaron Serfaty, Didi Negron, Johnny Rabb, Rico Nichols, Elise Trouw and Tiki Pasillas.

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Cympad Moderator Cymbal Pads

Cympad Moderator cymbal pads provide the consistency and dependability of CYMPAD’s advanced cellular foam material while reducing cymbal volume and unwanted overtones, controlling sustain and increasing articulation.

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Control Your Cymbal Sound

Available in a choice of 6 sizes, Moderators offer a full range of options for incremental tone control of cymbals in rehearsal, recording and performance and are highly recommended for practice rooms and teaching studios, as well.

Customize Video Tiki Pasillas

Tiki Pasillas / Arturo Sandoval

“With Arturo, we play a lot of fast jazz and he always wants to hear ‘the tip of the stick’. Moderators let me control my ride. Plus, when I’m on tour, I never know what cymbals I’ll get from backline. So I always carry a pack of Moderators. They’re a life saver.” 


Customize Video Elise Trouw

Elise Trouw / YouTube Sensation

“I use Moderators when I’m recording, performing... pretty much in any setting. I live loop acoustic drums in my videos and live shows and I want to have a clean drum and cymbal sound. With Moderators I never need to use tape or other forms of muffling.”

Customize Video Aaron Serfaty

Aaron Serfaty / USC School Of Music

“I Iike the 60mm Moderator.
It helps focus the body and crash and tames the bell just enough for the Cuban and Brazilian music I play. For teaching I like the 80 and 90mm models. They control the ride cymbal so I can hear a student’s feel and articulation.”

Didi Negron

Didi Negron / Cirque du Soleil Amaluna

“My favorite Moderator is the 70mm. For six years, I hadn’t been able to use a China cymbal (in the show) because it was too loud. But my gig is rock based and I was missing that China sound. Six years later the Moderators came to town and I used the 70 to tone down the cymbal. It was perfect.”

Customize Video Johnny Rabb

Johnny Rabb / Collective Soul

Sometimes I love a cymbal sound, but it’s too much. Moderators tone it down. With the different sizes, one ride cymbal can become multiple rides. I also use Moderators to get that staccato, electronic cymbal sound for my Drum & Bass drumming.”

Customize Video Rico Nichols

Rico Nichols / Kendrick Lamar


“Using my Moderators beats tightening down the wingnuts to try to take wash out of a cymbal. The different sizes
are an easy way to make any cymbal drier and pingier. The smaller Moderators are also handy in church to keep things under control.” 

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Adjust The Decay And Customize The Sound of Every Cymbal!


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